AR Center Board of Directors

Ty Johnson, Founder, President
Dr. James Hwe, M.D. Vice-President
Angelina Martinez, Corporate Secretary
Rosalba Martinez, Operations director, Outreach
Deysee Chavez, Division Director, ARC
Sierra McClelland, C.F.O
Betty Hau, Regional Director
Tress Drafton, Nurse R.N.
Tobytha Johnson, Board Member
Lynetter McCelland, L.V.N.
Jennifer Johnson, Corporate Advisor
John Johnson Jr., Board Member
Rodney Walker, Volunteer

We thank you for your service

In general the role of the board is to provide high-level oversight of corporate activities and performances, while some may take on more involved or activist roles. Boards can be organized around committees that focus on specific functions. Having a single leader serve as both CEO and board chair is still common, especially among S&P 500 companies. Corporate board requirements are set in the company’s bylaws and subject to state and federal legislation.