Board of Directors

Ty Johnson, Founder, President
Dr. James Hwe, M.D. Vice-President
Angelina Martinez, Corporate Secretary
Rosalba Martinez, Operations director, Outreach
Sierra McClelland, C.F.O
Betty Hau, Regional Director
Tress Drafton, Nurse R.N.
Tobytha Johnson, Board Member
Lynetter McCelland, L.V.N.
Jennifer Johnson, Corporate Advisor
John Johnson Jr., Board Member
Rodney Walker, Volunteer

Managing Directors

Ty M. Johnson, CEO/ Founder Is president, executive director of operations, and director of Project Community Crisis Center outreach food bank and community relations.
Dr. James Hwe, M.D. Vice President Is a senior associate study manager early development ( Amgen FSP ). An experienced medical professional in the research industry, Dr.Hwe is skilled in good clinical practice, project management, publication, and medicine.
Tress Drafton RN, Organization Head Nurse Has been in the medical profession for 25 years and specializes in cardiac. A.C.L.S., (Advanced Cardiac Life Support and is supervisor at Parkview Community Hospital in Riverside, California.