ARC Mission / FAQ Page

Please describe your organization mission and purpose

Our mission is to provide support to low income families and individuals who struggle with mental health, food insecurity, employment and homelessness. We are an outreach food bank that provides groceries bi-weekly to over 600 families via home delivery in POC communities. We provide resources such as homeless prevention support to individuals/families especially with children at risk of homelessness.

What is your organization’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy?

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all. This includes people of color/different nationalities, respect for all genders and pronouns, anyone with special needs, different backgrounds, social beliefs and religions. We believe people are people no matter what and everyone should be deserving of all the services we provide. We do not tolerate any discrimination, harassment, or social, religious, political or personal doctrines while being of service. We have a zero tolerance for it. This extends with employees, volunteers and any individuals committed to our mission. Those who engage in these acts are formally reprimanded/terminated immediately.

Please describe your event or program

We are an outreach food bank that delivers groceries, mental health services, employment and homeless prevention programs to underserved communities especially in areas with POC. Our program expands to various locations and supports 600 families/individuals bi-weekly via home delivery. We target areas in need, set up local food distributions and or at home delivery services and provide entrepreneurship training through volunteerism. Our homeless prevention program quickly identifies families struggling with the possible threat of living on the streets and we respond as a vehicle for case management and work with the Los Angeles county to efficiently provide them a home and resources to thrive. We extend resource services with those struggling with their mental health and offer individuals /families with support groups, online peer to peer and one on one counseling. As part of our resources we have opened programs for those who suffer domestic violence.

What are the key milestones you hope to hit in the next year?

We hope to reach 1,000 families in the next year, expand to more locations, services, resources and open new programs to battle the homeless, employment and mental health crisis.

At the end of one year, what do you hope to have achieved?

We hope to make a difference in the communities we serve so that they become self-sufficient. We want to keep families and children off the streets, provide groceries to those living with food insecurities and make an actual difference for those who suffer from mental health issues so they become independent and live better healthier lives. We want to make a long lasting difference in the communities we serve, in the people we help.